What Beginners Need To Know About Router Tables

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Have you ever known about the router table? Have you ever seen this kind of machine? If you haven’t, this post is very useful for you. We will now introduce you the essential information about this product.

The router table is the type of machine that the people working on wood or hobbyists usually use for their work. This machine has many functions and helps you work with wood easier. Whether you use bits or not, this machine supports you to form edges, cut slots, make moldings, and panels of the door or boards.

Simply put, a router table is a type of woodworking machine and it can stand on the table. You may also hold it by hand, but this is not as safe and simple as when the item is mounted on the table.

It is really a convenient machine. So can you understand why you have to choose the best router table? You should purchase ones which have both suitable price and high quality. So how? That is why we are here to help you. Firstly, let’s learn about the basic information of this product.

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The Product Includes Two Kinds:

The plunge router- all parts of the item (the bit together) fall quickly and gets into the materials.

The fixed based router – people use them to make the tool reach the wood.

For beginners in woodworking, keep in mind that the bits of the item move in the opposite direction of the clockwise. So, to make sure that you can complete the work safely,you have to push the wood in one direction- left to right.

Main Parts

The most necessary parts of the machine are the bits. Based on size, they are classified into two kinds: ¼ inch shanks and ½ inch shanks. The first size – ¼ inch – is usually used for small works and in contrast, the other size is suitable for larger constructions, for example, forming doors or windows.

The part in the middle of the table is called the aluminum plate. There is a hole in it and this hole has to be fit on the bits. In addition, a reducer is also included to set up the level of the hole until the hole is suitable for the small bits.

A ring set is one part going along with the plate. It has a wide range of sizes, between 1’’ to1-3/16’’ and 2-5/8’’.

One another important part is the fence. By using it, people can cut boards accurately. Plus, it is considered as an instructor in another project. In case you want to cut the boards in a circle, you can use a template to remove the fence.

The miter gauge track made from aluminum (durable at the max level) is only used sometimes.

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The router table’s track connects to the feather boards, which make the pieces of wood lying securely between the table and the fence. The edges of the feather boards include a line of fingers which are very active.

The functions of these feather boards are supporting the projects do correctly and easily, avoiding kickbacks, acting as an instructor when working with large or long pieces, and protecting your hand from harm when working on tiny things. There are various kinds of feather boards: one-piece and two-piece. The two-piece one includes one piece set to the table and the other one on the fence.

Another part of the machine you should discover is the router stand/base. Actually, it is a table holding the router. The base must be reliable and easy to move through some places.

Dust collection ports are like recycle bins of the machine with shavings, dust, and chips.

What You Can Do With Router Tables

Form shapes of moldings

Create edge grain

Make the board edges smooth

Create small wood pieces

Make slots, dadoes, and grooves

Make the cutting stop right time

Long and small stocks are easy to work

Considered as an edge jointer

Make box joints and dovetail

Create the panels of the door

Used in joinery operations like lock-miter, finger joint and drawer lock bits.

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The Ultimate Buyer’s Guide To Router Tables

In order to buy the best product for yourself, you need to exam many aspects of the product carefully. Don’t worry, we will help you. Now, here are some important factors you must take note to determine whether a product is the one you need.


This is the most primary factor when you go to a store to buy a router table. It is really bad when you purchase a machine that is not suitable for the available router. You need to test different products to have a comparison.

Dimensions Of Work Surface And The Fence

This aspect plays an important role in buying a router table. We usually prefer items which have wide space to construct and the fence helps users to construct on the long and small pieces of wood.

The basic difference among the items is the price of them. You can check out our recommendation here.

Accuracy, Power, And Flexibility

These are necessary features for users. Our team has conducted many tests on various kinds of router tables by using the same kind of work pieces to obtain data based on accuracy, power, and flexibility.

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Best Router Table For Hobbyists

Are you just taking the first steps into this field? Then, you must be worried about not having any experiences in buying a router table. Here are the best recommendations for you

Bosch RA1181 Benchtop – This is the most affordable option for you. Bosch RA1181 Benchtop includes all of the functions with reliable quality.

Bench Dog 40-001 Pro Top– This is a kind of the compact router. You can install it within a few minutes. This machine lacks some fancy features but it is considered a good option for beginners.

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