Top Of The Most Common Band Saw On The Market

Band Saw

There is no doubt when saying that the wood manufacturing nowadays is completed easier than that in the past thanks to the invention of the band saw. Operating with the strong capacity, the band saw is now favored by almost wood industry in general as well as the carpenter in particularly. If you have intention of purchasing this machine, getting the band saw reviews seems to be very extremely vital.

The Vital Instructions Before Buying The Machine

Before planning the circular saws, it is essential for the users to ask themselves the question ‘What is the main purpose of buying the band saw? After defining the answer for this question, should you know exactly what you are going to cut? The next step is to review your budget. As long as your demands are not too large, it is better to choose the band saw line whose price is in the medium range.

Top Of Three Typical Band Saw On The Market Nowadays

If you need to cut a little more power, the RF-812N model will gratify your needs even if you pay a little extra money for this machine. However, please note that although this machine is sold with the higher prices, the pleasure of using a good tool is really impressive.

RF-Light 712N 7 “X 12” Band Saw

It is reviewed that the RF-light band saw is designed with the transmission system in the dimension with 7 “x 12”. The machine can adjust the cutting material based on the hydraulic design. Its belt with the 4-level transmission speed allows cutting speeds ranging from 0 degrees to cut corners 45 degrees which can be able to adjust the blades for precise and durable life span of the blade. In addition, the cooling system for wet cutting can be changed in the horizontal and vertical side in order to bring the standard blade.

Here Is The Specification Of The Band Saw

+ Model: RF-712N

+ The 0 degrees cutting power: Circle: 178mm (7 “), rectangle: 178mm x 305mm (7” x 12 “)

+ The 45 degrees cutting power: Circle: 127mm (5 “), rectangle: 120mm x 125mm (4” x 4 7/8 3/4 “)

+ Main motor power: 3/4 HP

+ Speed: 50Hz 22-34-49-64 meters / minute

+ Pile carbon: width: 19.05mm, thickness: 0.8mm, length: 2362mm

+ Dimensions: (Length) 1235mm (width) 430mm, (high) 955mm

+ Weight: 135kg (net), 170 (total)

+ The package size: (Length) 1270mm (width) 470mm, (high) 965mm

The RF-Light 912B 9 “Band Saw

The 912B 9 “4-level speed transmission belt allows different cutting speeds, cooling system for wet cutting.

Here Is The Digital Specification Of The Saw

+ Model: RF-912B

+ 0 degrees cutting power: Circle: 229mm (9 “), the rectangle: 178mm x 305mm (7” x 12 “)

+ 45 degrees cutting power: Circle: 150mm (6 “), the rectangle: 127mm x 150mm (5” x 6 “)

+ Main motor power: 1 HP

+ Speed: 50Hz 26-50-73-95 meters / minute

+ Metal blades: Wide: 27mm, thickness: 0.9mm, length: 2655mm

+ Dimensions: (Length) 1380mm (width) 460 mm, (high) 1050mm

+ Weight: 160 kg (net), 185 (total)

+ The package size: (Length) 1420mm (width) 530mm, (high) 1117mm

The UE-331DSAE Band Saw

UE-331DSAE circular saw is the semiautomatic machine which is designed with the average power. Its cutting diameter is about 330mm that is largest on average iron material, capacity 3HPx4P. The frame allows rotation in two directions (R) 00-600 and left (L) 00-450. UE-331DSAEband saw is also called Semi-Auto band saw machines due to its operation. This model is very convenient for the production line, or when performing batch processing detailed cutting. This machine is designed to allow cutting various types of steel, allows cutting many different angles without moving details.

Specifications Of The UE-331DSAE Band Saw

+ Model:  UE-331DSAE

+ Round iron: 331 mm

+ Square iron: 260 x 510 mm

+ Size of the blade:  34 × 1.1 x 4180 mm

+ The speed of the blade:  26-80 m / min 4P

+ Motor: AC 3HP

+ Size: 2310 x 1060 x 1500 mm

+ Weight: 835Kg / 950 kg.

Through reviewing as well as looking at the features of these types, we hope that the users can be able to choose the high qualified band saw on the marker nowadays.