Lawn- Mower In Supporting For Gardener

Lawn- Mower

Gardening is one of the most interesting way to keep your stress away as well as create a fresh atmosphere which harmony you with the natural environment. However, few people know thoroughly how to garden without wasting too much their spare time. In the article today, we will introduce you a some kind of best electric lawn mower that can support you a lot in decorating your garden.

Electric or petrol lawn- mowers are cheaper to buy than petrol mowers, but they are only suitable for smaller lawns, as you’ll be trailing a power cable behind you as you mow. Besides, they are  not as powerful as petrol mowers. There are many different kind of  lawn mowers available in the market nowadays.  Take time and consider the following ones to choose the most suitable equipment for your family.

The Electric lawn mower  is subdivided into wire electric model and wireless type. Both types  are relatively quiet, often produce less than 75 decibels, while a gasoline lawn mower can be  loud more than 95 decibel.

The wire cutting machine (Corded electric lawn mower) is limited in the scope of their tail power cord, which can restrict the use of the lawns extending outward than 30-45m from the nearest power socket available . There is an additional danger to the machine which is accidentally cut through the cables. This can stop the mower and may put users at risk of receiving an electric shock hazard. Install a residual current device (GFCI) into the socket can reduce the risk of shock. On the US market in the summer of 2008, a wire cutter from a manufacturer has lower costs ($ 150-200), with higher reliability, and reduces the carbon emissions significantly.

The wireless electric mowers  (Cordless electric lawn mower) is supported by a number of rechargeable battery (typically from 1 to 4) with 12-volt / battery charger. Typically, the larger battery means it will waste more running time. The battery can be placed in the interior of the lawn mower or outside it. If this is put outdoors, the depleted batteries can be quickly exchanged with rechargeable batteries. Cordless mowers also have operating ability as a gasoline-powered mower and is as friendly with the environmental as a wire cutter. However, it is more expensive and less available in models (especially self-propelled). The last disposal of old batteries is questionable, and the engine of wire cutters tend to be less powerful than gasoline engines of similar total weight (including battery).

The electric current  are usually no more than 2 kW power, but actually this number is even smaller in the reality. Most simple electric trimmer  expands from 250 to 500 watts. Most such capacity is sufficient for a normal grass being cut in a small size. Many powerful  mowers are designed to cut the grass of the school and even rashes.

Electric mowers are powered by the mains, which means it constantly stretches the  wire, it imposes restrictions on the use .

Here is one typical types of electric lawn mower that are preferred on the market now.

The 8845 Gardena electric lawn mower:

Operating factor:

* Wattage:  300w.

* The cutting width: 23cm.

* The wire length: 10m.

* Weight: 1,9kg.

This machine uses the 220v electric current, and it is really very convenient  for small  gardens. This  is entirely consistent with the trimming of the grass in the garden. The cutting head of this machine can cut freight sides easily. The substitution of combat shields lasts quickly.

Being deigned based on the advanced technology, these kind of the lawn- mowers enhances the proficiency of many gardeners especially with people who often own a large garden. The great variety in the size, items, and even the price has already made this product remain a certain position in the market and get the satisfactions from a lot of users. However, you should take notice of the product instruction. There are some accident happening during the using process when the users don’t wear the gloves or other protecting tool to avoid being affected by the mower’s cut. Therefore, we advise you to take care about the safety as well as follow strictly the instruction from producers