Good Tips to Cook Rice Perfectly

Cook Rice

Many people said that it is so difficult to think what dishes for family meals. And they will try to cook these dishes in their ability. Most of them do not pay attention to cooking rice because they think that rice can cook very easy and simple.

Actually, you can cook rice in the best rice cooker or cook rice on the stoves but if you do not know three following tips I make sure your rice is not delicious. Thus, it is very necessary to learn how to cook rice perfectly.

Good tips to cook rice perfectly

Three Basic Steps to Cook Rice Perfectly

As you know rice is never missing in our daily meals. A good rice pot will help everyone have more appetite. I believe that you will have more basic techniques to cook rice perfectly through this writing.

  1. Step One: Rinse And Soak

This is a step which you never skip to start cooking rice. You should rinse the rice in some changes in the cold water. Why do you rinse the rice in cold water at least 3 times? There are two reasons as follows:

  • Firstly, rinsing rice will remove the dirt on the outside. It is as the milling aid. In the case, this type odd rice is imported from the overseas. You must rinse more carefully.
  • Moreover, rinsing rice will help reduce the cohesion of the grains of rice each other. Especially, after the rice is cooked. Of course, you will eat rice more delicious.

Soaking rice should only apply in some situations. If you cook rice every meal you do not need to soak. However, with the older rice, you must soak it about 30 minutes. This will reduce the brittleness of the grains

In addition, soaking rice will also apply with some special rice because this will make the rice expand the length significantly.

  1. Step Two: Simple Method to Cook

In our life, every person will have a way to cook rice. In fact, there are a lot of different methods for cooking rice. However, the absorption method is considered the simplest way and many people apply. By this method, the rice will cook according to the principle:

  • The rice will be cooked in a measured amount of water which you estimate;
  • All the water will be absorbed and dropped. At this time, in the rice pot will exist the heating;
  • This heating will help the grains be cooked and finish the cooking.

In this step, it is important to estimate the right amount of water. Depending on the type of rice and your cooker, you will adjust the reasonable amount of water.

On the other hands, you can apply the rate 1 – ½ cups of water per cup of grain white rice.

  1. Step Three: Should not Skip The Resting Step

Should cook rice with 3 simple steps

  • Although you see rice to be cook at this time, the rice also needs this heat in the pot. This heat will distribute for the whole pot. And the rice will be cooked more evenly.
  • After your rice cooker has switched to warm mode, you should keep this mode at least 10 minutes.
  • Besides, you will remove the lid of the rice cooker. At this time, you need to use a fork or the chopsticks to turn over the rice gently.
  • After turning over completely, you must close the lid.
  • Finally, you have to wait a further 5 minutes. By this way, I am sure that your rice cooker will become more delicious and perfectly.

Also, you can find other good tips to cook rice perfectly. Even, there are a lot of the video which it is very detailed instruction. Through these instructions, you will know how to cook rice properly.

Some Necessary Notes about the Rice Cooker

Rice Cooker

Today, you have many different choices when buying the rice cooker for your family. There are many sizes with the various prices. However, you should remember to choose the rice cooker that it is bigger than your using needs.

Actually, with the good rice cooker, it will cook better. You need to check all attached accessories and use it properly. This also contributes to help you cook rice perfectly.

In short, good tips to cook rice are very useful information in your life. If you do not know to cook rice well you can read these experiences to improve your cooking ability. Moreover, 3 steps in this writing are also very easy to remember. I hope that you will cook rice better after referring this knowledge.